Head Office & 1st Factory

The new leader in global valve market, HS VALVE!
Our first priority in all business activities is “Humanism”.

Established in 1987,
HS VALVE has been manufacturing
about 500 types of valves
for over a quarter-century.

  • We were the first with electrically insulated ball valves in 1995 and also became the industry’s very first company which was listed on KOSDAQ in 2000.
  • We built second factory in Gyeongsan to boost production in 2002 and third factory in Gyeongsan to increase the amount of exports in 2011.
  • In addition, we purchased fourth factory in Gimhae to product various types of valves in 2020. All factories are in operation very well.

Now, we have four factories including headquarters, the first factory here in Daegu, Korea.

  • 2nd Facrtory
  • 3rd Facrtory
  • 4th Facrtory

HS VALVE is based on the principle of accident-free management, implementing workers regular trainings and educations about industrial safety. We’ve been dedicated to improving the level of technology with constantly developed new products and quality upgrade.

Since 1994, we have obtained various patents and international certifications, such as ISO 9001, API Q1 & 6D, PED. With professional researchers in an affiliated institute of valve technology, we have been focusing on increasing in export by putting new products on the market.

Now, HS VALVE is jumping up to be a leading company in the globe. We will undoubtedly be a reliable company with best quality, make a full preparation for safety and accidents, and take more interest in underprivileged people around us. We are ready to lead the future of the world as a top valve maker.