Brief History

2023.11 Completion of new factory 5th in Gyeongsan Jillyang Industrial Complex
2022.05 Acquisition of KB Valve(currently HS KB Valve)
2021.11 Awarded the grand prize at the 13th Korea Environmental Energy Awards.
2021.07 Vendor Approved by Korean Gas Corporation (KOGAS)
2020.05 Purchased 4th Factory in Gimhae
2018.11 Nominated "Daegu 3030 Company"
2017.08 Vendor Approved by Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
2017.04 Vendor Approved by National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC)
2016.09 Acquired TRCU 032
2015.10 Vendor Approved by Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)
2015.02 Approved by Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
2014.12 Acquired Stainless Steel Welding Flanges (KS B 1506)
2014.07 Acquired INNOBIZ(Innovation Business)
2013.05 Award “The 20th Korea Gas Safety Awards” Of Bronze Tower
2011.11 Established 3rd factory in Kyeongsan
2006.11 Awarded the Order of Industrial Service Merit of Silver Tower
2004.07 Selected as a world-leading SME by kyeongsangbuk-do
2003.06 Received a men of merit's award
2003.03 Awarded a prize for a model taxpayer
2001.11 Received president's award
2001.10 Designated as an outstanding enterprise with a Superior Technology from Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
2000.03 Listed in KOSDAQ
1999.10 Received president's award
1999.09 Designated as a Venture enterprise
1997.11 Received president's award
1987.03 Established HS VALVE CO.,LTD