CEO Greeting

Korea TOP 1,
Global Marketing, Customer First
Ever since our founding in 1987, we have produced and supplied various pipeline valves. As the Korea’s largest general valve maker, we have constantly developed new products from small-sized valves to large-sized valves for various chemical, oil & gas and industrial plants and continually invested in a higher value-added business. As a result, we have acquired varied international certifications such as ISO, API, CE, TRCU 032, Fire Test as well as developed and patented non-conductive ball valves for the first time throughout the world.

To maintain non-defect quality goods and services is our top priority and we believe it will be achieved through our properly organized quality management system. We also believe that our lofty goal of earning the trust of the customers must be realized with ceaseless efforts into the superior quality of our products.

For this reason, not only do all employees work in harmony to satisfy our customers by conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001, API 6D, PED and the customers, but to provide exceptional quality and price which are the essential element for any member of international society as well as for the contribution to the development of Korea’s economies.

With a slogan of “Global Marketing and Customer First, we are ready to lead the future of the 21st century as a world-class general valve maker and a more advanced specialist of valves.

Won Gyu Chang / President